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Happy New Year everybody, out with the old, in with the new


Has anybody made any new years resolutions. I have and I haven't. What I mean is I haven't told anybody only you and it's not set in stone, haha

  1. Try and eat less fat, after gallbladder op fat is harder to digest
  2. Do more exercise if only short walks
  3. Try and get dressed before a certain time for working at home
  4. Get rid of clutter and be more organised
  5. Go to the coast more, it makes me happy
  6. Spend more time off social media, I sit here far too many hours
  7. Spend less on food, go with a shopping list
  8. Carry on doing my charity work at least one day a week
  9. Read more books
  10. Go to bed earlier


Let me know yours, lets motivate each other

Whatever you do, I hope it's a good 2018 for all of us for health, happiness and a bit more wealth



happy new year 2018

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  1. I have just one - Start to de-clutter by getting rid of at least one thing every day - that means at least 365 will be gone by the end of 2018. Good luck with yours!

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