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  1. As Morecambe and Wise sang, "Bring me Sunshine", who doesn't like a bit of sun in their lives, I know I do. Today I woke up to the yellow thing in the sky shining through my bedroom curtains and it made me want to get up early for the first time in months. I think Springtime is approaching, the nights are getting a bit lighter and I've heard the birds singing again.

    Time to stock some lovely Spring 2018 fashion accessories and at Belinda's Handbags and accessories we already have some to show you.


    blue and white flower print scarf


    black multi festival hippy bag


    gold bangl blue flower


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  2. Happy New Year everybody, out with the old, in with the new


    Has anybody made any new years resolutions. I have and I haven't. What I mean is I haven't told anybody only you and it's not set in stone, haha

    1. Try and eat less fat, after gallbladder op fat is harder to digest
    2. Do more exercise if only short walks
    3. Try and get dressed before a certain time for working at home
    4. Get rid of clutter and be more organised
    5. Go to the coast more, it makes me happy
    6. Spend more time off social media, I sit here far too many hours
    7. Spend less on food, go with a shopping list
    8. Carry on doing my charity work at least one day a week
    9. Read more books
    10. Go to bed earlier


    Let me know yours, lets motivate each other

    Whatever you do, I hope it's a good 2018 for all of us for health, happiness and a bit more wealth



    happy new year 2018

  3. Hi Everybody,

    Hope you all enjoyed your day yesterday. It seems to have gone in the blink of an eye. All that build up to Christmas and for most of us the day after becomes sort of normal again.

    Me and hubby spent the day at my dads along with my sister in law and boyfriend. Their dog and my dads dog didn't get on well so had to seperate them which was a shame as I went back and forth tryng to console the dog who's home it was. Very territorial aren't they!

    Boxing day many years ago when my grandparents were alive used to be like another Christmas day where they would come to my parents house and we would have another big meal. I enjoyed it though and miss them a lot now they aren't here. Things aren't the same at Christmas when you get older or have no kids. But still it was nice to have that one day with my dad.

    Are you all going to the Boxing day sales? I never go, not too keen on crowds. I tend to wait until things have died down a bit. If you went, did you get any bargains? Let me know your purchases

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  4. Brrrr who feels the cold and who doesn’t like the snow? Or are you a snow lover, let me know your views.

    Do you get S.A.D syndrome during the winter period, would love to know your stories

    Me well I prefer Springtime with the warmer days and daylight. The bluer skies and the pretty flowers.

    This year has been great for winter accessories. Lots of faux fur hats, chunky wool snoods and wraps. All to make you feel cosy, warm and fashionable.

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