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  1. Well today I made a decision and that was to try out Avon cosmetics again and become a rep after a break of about 6 years. I used to sell Avon for a long time on and off and used to get great orders as I worked with lots of women who loved it. Once I left my job and went onto something else I decided to stop doing it as it was taking up a lot of my time. 

    What made me want to try again? Well seeing as though I have this site selling my handbags and Jewellery I thought why not branch out into more lovely girly things and try and promote Avon as I do like their products. I thought it would go well with what I already do.

    I was also missing an avon rep round this area and do like their Bra's and the Skin so soft range especially. Also wanted to be nosey and see if there are any different products as I haven't seen a book for a long while.

    This product by Skin so soft or SSS as us fans call it is great. It moisturises your skin without being greasy. I just spray mine on and don't even rub it in. With all these annoying midgies biting lately I thought it might help keep them at bay as it does help keep the mossies away. I even know some people spray it on their horses or dogs to protect them from flies. Of course I sometimes use Insect repellant too, but the SSS smells a lot nicer and has citronella in it. 



    Watch out for more product blogs coming soon about Avon products.

    In the meantime, here you can find out more or even place an order :)


  2. If you are like us who can't decide whether to choose from Gold or silver then here is a compromise. Rose gold could be the answer as it's a fabulous colour with a slight pink tinge as the name suggests. Mixed with silver it's even better so you have the best of both worlds.

    This week we have been adding some fab accessories at prices which won't break the bank so you can keep on trend with the latest Jewellery

    rose gold feather effect tassle earrings

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    rose gold and pink glitter flower earrings



    Watch out for more Rose Gold, Silver and gold accessories being added very soon.

  3. Good afternoon everybody, Hows your sunday?

    Well here in Lancashire it's snowing, and coming down quite fast too but not sticking at the moment. I must admit I quite like being indoors in my PJ's having a lazy sunday and watching it from my lounge window, but that's as far as I get. I'm quite a wuss walking in it and seem to develop my old lady walk where I shuffle along in it and stop every now and again to bend down and pretend I've lost a contact lens so I can steady myself. 

    I also like the patterns it makes in the morning, it's magic what Jack frost can do. It's as creative as a spiders web. Below is one I made earlier, wink, wink.

    snow flakes


    Don't forget if you do go out in the cold to get wrapped up and keep the chill off you. Here at Belindas Handbags we have some lovely accessories to keep you cosy, yet trendy at the same time.


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  4. Hi Everybody, Happy New Year and hope you all had a great time during the holiday period.

    If you are like me who doesn't really like the cold weather, are you wishing it would go away and welcome us to spring.

    I think when the skies are blue and the weather is a bit warmer that people normally feel a bit better and tend to smile more. It certainly makes me feel that way. In the meantime though we get through the cold spells by wrapping up warm with hats, scarves, woolly jumpers and cosy socks. 

    Here at Belindas handbags and accessories we have for you a nice affordable selection of scarves, hats and winter wear for under £10. 

    Also we stock scarves for fashion wear for all year round to accessorse your outfit or give as gift idea.

    Hope you like what you see and thanks for dropping by x


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